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The "SOCIETE D'EMULATION" of Cambrai is an association promoting Letters, Sciences and Arts. It was created just before Napoléon 1's reign, on october 16th 1804 or "24 Vendémiaire Year XIII", in the revolutionary calendar.

It is composed of 40 members, and correspondents.

Among prestigious members from 1815, we can list: Mr. John Cole, chief surgeon of the British Army; Mr. Hugues Hill, general in the British Army and member of the Royal Society of Dublin; Sir Augustus Frazer, member of the Royal Society of London, and Mr. Theodore Hume, Doctor, British surgeon and Duke Wellington's attache.

Through researches and publication, our association has contributed for 214 years to the promotion of the history of Cambrai and its surroundings, since the origin of the city. It is part of a significant network of Societes from the north of France, but also from the whole country and abroad (Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg ...)

Our SOCIETE D'EMULATION DE CAMBRAI" is in touch with prestigious university members in Great Britain, United States and our members have strong relationships with other correspondents in Europe and all over the planet.

Since its creation, it has published 115 tomes of Memoirs, and 49 booklets, also called "Etudes cambrésiennes"

Some interesting information are published on our website: WWWemulationcambrai.fr but you can also contact us directly on

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